“Husmannsplassen”, 10 persons850 NOK/day
Bridalsuite, 2 persons350 NOK/day
One-room Cabins, max. 4 persons (15m2)350 NOK/day
Two-room Cabins, max. 5 persons (20m2)400 NOK/day
Sleeper vans150 NOK/day
Caravans150 NOK/day
Tent150 NOK/day
Adults20 NOK/day
Children (3-12 years)10 NOK/day
Electricity35 NOK/day
Hire of bed linen50 NOK/person
Washing machine35 NOK/use
Tumble dryer35 NOK/use
Canoes and rowing boats (with lifejackets)20 NOK/hour
Canoes and rowing boats (with lifejackets)100 NOK/day
Trip with horse and cart
Riding30 NOK/hour
Serving (min. 10-15 persons)
Elk soup175 NOK/person
Roast pork275 NOK/person
Elk, stew meat350 NOK/person
Buffet335 NOK/person
Buffet Catering235 NOK/person
Sandwiches/Cuts, Catering25 NOK /pcs
Fresh bread rolls6 NOK/pcs
Dessert65 NOK/person
Coffee and cake75 NOK/person